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Wicomico County Government Offices
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State Government
Governor - Wes Moore - http://governor.maryland.gov/
Lt. Governor - Aruna Miller -  www.gov.state.md.us/ltgovernor/
Attorney General - Anthony Brown - https://www.marylandattornwww.Marylandtaxes.gov 
Maryland Congressional
District 1
US Senators - Ben Cardin -  www.cardin.senate.gov
                         Chris Van Hollen -  www.vanhollen.senate.gov/
US Representative - Andrew Harris -  https://harris.house.gov/
Maryland Legislative
District 37B
State Senator - Johnny Mautz - johnny.mautz@senate.state.md.us
State Delegate 1 - Christopher T. Adams - christopher.adams@house.state.md.us
State Delegate 2 - Tom Hutchinson - tom.hutchinson@house.state.md.us
Wicomico County Council
District 003
Councilman - Shane T. Baker - stbaker@wicomicocounty.org
Election District - 08
Voter Information and Government Directory for Wicomico County, MD
 Wicomico County §133-14 - Animals at Large Prohibited
A. It is unlawful to allow an animal to run at large.
B. Definition of "At Large": "At Large" means when an unleashed animal is:
       (1) On the property of a person other than the owner; or
       (2) Within the traveled portion of a public road.
C. Exceptions: an animal will not be considered at large if the animal is:
       (1) Under the control of a responsible person;
       (2) Securely confined in a vehicle;
       (3) On the owner's real property; or
       (4) Hunting, herding, or tracking under the control of the owner and on land that the owner is permitted to be on.